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Galaxy Note 8 release on : August 23, 2017

As the fiasco of Galaxy Note 7 has started to rise up in the last few weeks, Samsung seems to be one of the main viewpoint in the gadget world. People are not only eager to see what Samsung is going to do with this problem, but they also want to see the next step from this phone manufacturer. And one of the hottest topic in this is Samsung Galaxy S8 release date.Samsung Galaxy S8 release date specs price rumors

Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept Rumor

As one of the most awaited gadget in the world, Samsung Galaxy S8 concept rumor has been buzzing on the internet. One of the most talked rumor is the news from Business Insider that showed some leaked images of Galaxy 8 and Galaxy Note 8 on their website. It showed that Samsung might come back to a classic clam-shell design. While most people doubted this one rumor about the phone, the media still argued that it could win the market especially for the people who love the phone for nostalgic reasons.

Not only that, some rumor is also going around saying that the new Galaxy series will also welcome the brother of Galaxy S8, which is Galaxy S8 Edge. This is actually very applicable seeing from the previous release Samsung always launch their product on two different segments. The Galaxy S8 will be marketed towards the main users, while the S8 Edge will be for people who want something unique on their phone.

With all of those concept rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8, we think it might be safe to say that Samsung will be more careful this time with the technical spec of their battery. Seeing the fiasco that was caused by the flaws in their battery, they wouldn’t want any new problem arises when they release their products in the future.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs Rumor

While there has not been any confirmation from the manufacturer about the exact Samsung Galaxy S8 specs, opinions on various forums have been piling up discussing about the technical details of the phone. Looking at history, it might be safe to say that this phone will feature a 4K display, which is the hottest new thing in the market. Some people also argue that it could come out with dual cameras, which is not very different from the newly released iPhone 7.Samsung Galaxy S8 dual camera

Seeing that this phone will likely to come out in two models, Samsung might also want to differentiate the screen size of Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge, as usual. S8 will likely to have 5.1 inches display while the latter will rock . AMOLED display will indeed be used for this, as it seems to be the one of the best features of Samsung phones. Also, some are very deterrent to think that S8 generation will not have any flat screen variants at all. But this will still need to be proven until Samsung actually confirms anything.galaxy s8 5.5 inches display

One of the most interesting news about Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs is that there are rumors that say they will also adopt the steps of Apple, which is to remove the 3.5 mm jack. This might be very concerning to some users, especially those who don’t like wireless audio devices very well. But Samsung has not talked about this rumor at all, but it is possible that they will go on with this plan.Samsung Galaxy S8 audio jack specs

On the specs point under the hood, Samsung S8 family will likely to use the whole new Samsung Exynos 8895 processor. Some of the latest leaks about this news said that this new tech will be able to clock at 3.0GHz, which is one of the fastest in the latest gadget fads. Other promising thing about the processor is that it will also feature an energy efficient functionality, which is really nice for the phone’s battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date and Price

As the rumors flying around and leaked images have been shown online, Samsung yet still has not announced any official news about their future release. So, we still can’t confirm the exact date when you will be able to experience the new Samsung flagship gadget. But the estimation will not be too far off from the first quarter of 2017.

The same thing also happens with the Samsung Galaxy S8 price. There are still no news about how much this phone will cost, whether you want to buy it with carrier plan or not. But learning from the past release, the price will not be too much different than S7 or Note 7. We can expect that Samsung will ask you for about USD 700 to 900 for a piece of this phone. That is the rumor of price for S8 and S8 Edge without taking a carrier contract.


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