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Has already been unveiled in the track-pad and it’s a heavily rumored feature of the iPhone 7 index finger movements and distinguishes between hard and soft apps anyone can do that.new iphone 7 features trackpadFrankly the Great Depression will effectively resulting contextual menu pop-ups depending on strength of touch to use in essence this will allow developers to use an extra set of new imports for allowing users to interact with that in ways. For example, imagine a first-person shooter being able to tell if you want to launch a good name or fire a gun. Simply by measuring given that, Apple really embrace their technology in ways that Samsung and other companies tend to the graphic projections for the iPhone 7. Probably won’t happen will happen for the iPhone 43 s but not for the next major iPhone we think still in shock everyone and it would be an amazing features on the last.new iphone 7 features holographic projector

Turn your iPhone into what would essentially amount with tablet workstation would be a game-changer especially in the stagnated smartphone market. I’ll just give me a virtual keyboard that was made holographic and I be set for typing stuff. Now playing just want to change my mind so far is the second most scratch-resistant serial after diamond those rumored inclusions for the iPhone 6, but alas it was being its image durable display any smartphone could have and it’s one of the more likely features that the iPhone 7 May off.new iphone 7 features laser keyboard

Your phone 7 may very well be true 3d display, according to reports which claimed that Apple’s supply chain partner CPK is working on a project that relates to naked eye 3d screen in other words a three-screen that doesn’t require glasses to see like Nintendo 3ds. new iphone 7 features 3d graphic

Let’s be honest charging for all recent iPhones as sucks badly when compared to other Android smartphones. Especially from Google and Samsung Apple manages to make each new iPhones with a faster processor and graphics chip to also improve life divers 6. Was originally rumored to have a front display made from soy beans which would have made it possible to use it as a solar collector phone in to charge me throughout. new iphone 7 features solar chargingAll you have to do is take a walk in the park at lunch just to give a boost your battery with your phone out which might be risky depending on the Argana. So you do need sunshine which England like me you’ve got basically no chance of having. You know it would be fun is hoping comes the successor see in the iPhone 7 is the device being waterproof has already emphasized health-related. Functionality as mobile devices going forward a logical move for the smartphone neighboring at least to utilize. It was swimming etc go for a swim was checking Facebook now just made since 11 has no removable back panel the bolts.new iphone 7 features waterproof

Should be the only thing that needs to be sealed off and bizarre in fact the latest MacBook seems to be decreasing the number of ports and reason. It just won’t be any pretty damn soon. Apple have never really upgraded the iPhone screen in terms of keeping up with the latest technology and 7 race between the companies deliver a possible for iPhone 7 plus tablet or at the very least a quarter.

HDI phone 7-plus in a full-page D iPhone 7 absences probably do that one of those things one is this the nineteen nineties. We back in the nineteen nineties why haven’t we got stuff while is everything. Is energy Wireless happiness anyway well basically. Every other smartphone in the world offers wireless charging iPhone users have never experienced the technology has come a long way in the past. new iphone 7 features wireless charging

Few years an apple, a company that has over 100 billion dollars in the bank should I D invest and now common feature in many kinds of phones. We understand this being implemented in the iPhone 7 is a little bit far-fetched, but it’s still a possibility you know after Apple patent the basically joystick version of the Apple home. But essentially expand into a mini joystick that could be moved around in various activities on the screen this would target.new iphone 7 features joystick button

The massive iPhone game market and it would be amazingly fun to different types of games. Maybe some games that weren’t awful the laser keyboard feature has been rumored ever since the iPhone was released. Imagine the iPhone 7 comes equipped with a laser keyboard and yet a holographic projector we’re talking maybe a long long way away. But at least Apple acknowledges that there’s some appeal is Peyton predicted keyboard showing how the system. I work with keyboard built into an iPad. Maybe one day my personal dream of playing Grand Theft Auto 6 anywhere via the iPhone 7. Was playing jazz music on holographic keyboard with a joystick feature an indel projector could become the reality.

You can see now which means the future with a display that extends onto the size of the device providing interactive touch sensitive portions that give access to slide to unlock functionality music player controls, messaging without color ideas system ever lose differ materially from 7 more durable. There are water 2007 that doesn’t require glasses to see a very hot topic for the best. I will be the camera when it comes to the iPhone 7 scammer led to report suggests that it could offer significant improvement over the camera phone in the iPhone 66.new iphone 7 features quad hd 4k video

Inside this could be the biggest camera job in the history of the library for both John group were arrested in the polls closed on his blog that source claims the iPhone 7s camera will have a tool as system. That could help allow users to capture DSLR quality media dual lens design offers a number of advantages over the present. IPhone camera setup including the arts quad and optical zoom it’s also been suggested that future. IPhone cameras will have better performance in low light conditions talking a little about its process.

Processors are expected to be using the 14 fundamental design the new chips are expected to be smaller more efficient, and of course more powerful most probably. Apple itself will design the a90 Chiefs as it has done with a cross processor ships in the past. Is very interesting You’re 147 Joyce specially the concept is the hallmark of the other southern Blvd Poplar Springs attorney. Also does depart from there are plenty of iOS games from hard you’ll control he sounds like a little hard for the next iPhone.

In August lows forty remorse about you, I charge mode just in that the USB part of the charges could be reversible just like the Lightning imagine the USB be plugged into the laptop to both ways. The same way that lightning connector itself is regarded by OS is also likely to introduce new features at the software level among the features. We’re hoping to see I S 90 truth parental controls groups FaceTime calls and split-screen application will be testing, and then about the release date. What is the iPhone 7 coming out if Apple sticks to study so we can expect the eiffel 7 Tour. I need of September 12 15 however it’s possible and has been widely speculated that Apple will begin by SIA who have to keep up with the ever growing ever publicly. So this would mean an iPhone walls of the spring of 2008 15 followed by another in this case you’d expect music

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