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when does the new iphone come out | when is new iphone 6s coming outwhen is new iphone 6s coming out in 2015?

Iphone 6s will be released on september 2015. Iphone 6s FEATURES :

  • A9 processor
  • 12-megapixel rear camera, 4k video
  • Same design as iPhone 6
  • Less bendable 7000 Series aluminum shell
  • 3D Touch
  • Improved Touch ID
  • Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Space Gray colors

I got to see the new iPhone the iPhone 6 S and the iPhone 6 S plus they’re both coming on late September for the same price as the current iPhone were when they launched so of course, I take a good hard look now as expected the design of the success is pretty much the same as the six in fact the only way you’ll be able to tell you have the 60 S is by a little less badge on the back of course also if you have the new rose gold color wish to my eye is really more like a pale pink but other than that from top to bottom all the way around the outside of this phone if the same phone although the new S 60 S Plus is actually a little bit heavier in the hand than the current six plus I think we can thank been great for that since Apple is now using a 7000 series aluminum alloy to strengthen the body but it’s only a couple of programs so there are three main improvements to know about in the new iPhone new specs new cameras and new display so the spec bump is isn’t a processing really so the the successes rock in a new Apple a nine ship which is supposedly nearly twice as fast in the CPU and GPU performance

That’s really the only suspect difference that they told us about as far as I know it’s still one gigabyte of RAM still the same non-removable battery and still starting at 16 gigs of nine expandable storage so everything else stayed the same it’s just adding the new a nine and a camera in the iPhone is really a bump that got me interested in a lot so before the iPhone had an 8 megapixel camera as we all know this new iPhone is rockin a 12 megapixel sensor which is awesome for a couple reasons one that means the photos will be even Chris beer and if the demos from the events are any indication we may have a new number one best smartphone camera and number to 12 megapixels now means we have a large enough sensor enough pixels 44 K video so the smartphone is now capable of hanging with the heavy hitters at the Galaxy S six and note 5 and OGG for and everything pretty much every other smartphone has come out this year that she’s for k video + 26 s also has optical image stabilization that now works during the video as well I’m really looking forward to testing this camera

a lot more and as a bonus the front-facing camera also got a nice little bump up to 5 megapixels and it now uses the display as a dual tone flash according to the ambient light smart and with these new iPhones you can now turn on something called life’s photo capture one and a half seconds before and after you snap the photo which is pretty neat and you can view the life photo by pressing down on the photo and a gallery which brings us to our third and final major change and that’s 3d touch not forced touch 3G touch basically the same things for us touch so now the iPhone success display is pressure sensitive and to multiple levels you can press down a little harder on the display to bring up a context menu in tons of places all over the OS it’s kinda like a expand by one or more info button so you can 3d touch an icon on the home screen to bring up some quick actions for that appt recompression address in a thread to preview the location in Apple maps or you can press a thread in a messaging app itself to preview what’s in that thread and with all these previews if you like what you see then you can press even harder to fully expanded bring yourself into it or if you don’t want to then you can release the force touch and then it shrinks itself back so it seems like this can be useful at a level on a smartphone it’ll probably take some getting used to the thing is I was just playing for a few minutes and I start to get the hang of it and the tactic engine in the phone is also a larger and heavier and is now much more precise so it feels more like the force touch on the Apple watch which is impressive and it’s fast I mean obviously the whole phone police task with a new a nine ship and moving around the interface combined with swipes and gestures I already know combining that with the 3d touch just made a film nice and fast I know the quick tip is with the home screen icons.

you can press and then swipe over onto the action you want to perform which was really quick and multitasking with the 3G touch swipe in from the left side is also pretty quick now too so definitely a little bit of a learning curve to get everything down and figure out where you want to use 3G touch but it’s promising also third party apps can and definitely will take advantage of this 3 touch too so there is a couple things demoed there is a game that can literally change weapons if you press the display harder there is also apps like Facebook and Instagram that are already coated in updated to take advantage of three touch on the iPhone’s success so there you have it it’s the new iPhone the TLDR is it’s faster crispier and a little more sensitive so faster chip that’s attached I D faster you light Chris beard for the cameras on the front and the back in a 3d touch pressure sensitive display it’s not all Super new stuff i mean lots of it has been seen in other smartphones before but when going from iphone 62 iPhone 6 s is about what I expected anyway the full review will come when I get to use this guy is my daily driver so let me know with a comment you guys wanna see tested replicate like button and I’ll get to hear your thoughts thanks for reading

Iphone 6s price in US :

  • 649 USD for 16 GB internal memory
  • 749 USD for 64 GB internal memory
  • 849 USD for 128 GB internal memory

I recommended to buy 128 GB, because this is the best choice to prevent “not enough storage“.

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