cortana on windows phone 8.1

cortana on windows phone 8.1I’ll until more with the verge Apple has Siri, who has Google now. Much so funny has caught on a cortana, is a personal digital assistant for Windows Phone 8.1. Big updates much less mobile operating system she takes the form with a circular icon. and you can talk all tied to call timeout to get her attention she’s like a very an assistant.

She even has a notebook just like a real one nope it features designs are the only you can change the mission with cortana. The should be learning about your habits and interest all the time before asking you to store anything. She learns about me, like you do now in Serie cool to know on some basic web searches using natural voice commands.

cortana on windows phone 8.1 reviewYou can ask things like what’s the newest restaurant or act restaurant. The difference here is that when she completed a creed is a multi-step and it was caught on. We can also say cool it and she won the stand him in the nearby restaurant. You can also say show me directions call turner , also has a person. I think my sisters booing the boys have court on. From Halo Jen Taylor to answer some queries whether. It’s you asking who is your father? I’m getting this reply text Keith.

All do you like Siri and getting equally with the result act stop our cocks oxide as good personal assistant. She also notes for you or things like sport, schools, and fly information.cortana fly information

Ok you can also ask her to remind you in clever ways, remind me when I next beat my girlfriend. she’s cool and super powerful other commands include the ability to ask who to find the latest episode of the TV show. or just ways to turn off airplane mode or another system settings.

Cortana is always reviewing a pocket and learning about you, but the real check for Microsoft will be when it can offer this type a digital system. Everywhere in your living room, car work, and on every device you own. Court and his pal but being it’s impossible to imagine her existing without mike says claim a search work and service crunching data in the background. My salt is rolling out alternate to Windows Phone and being the common actually. One day you’ll be up to ask alternate to sing you a song, and a voice will be everywhere.

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